Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ellen Meister blog and second book sold!

Check out Ellen Meister's blog if you want some great inside info and to catch her latest huge news about her SECOND book deal.


Ellen said...

Thanks for the plug, Susan! I should be working on the book right now, but instead I'm reading your blog and posting messages.

How on earth did you make that tight deadline with your last one, Susan? Did you actually work and not procrastinate?

SusanD said...

Hiya Ellen! I did actually work on the last one. But you gotta remember, I have a lot more free time than you do. The key for me is usually turning off the television.

But how about YOU! You are the woman of the hour. Huge congrats to you. The only downside is now I have to wait to read TWO of your books!

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