Tuesday, November 30, 2010

White Lightning by GC Smith

White Lightning: Murder in the World of Stock Car Racing is the debut novel from GC Smith.

E.Z. Carter is the team manager of White Lightning racing. He's got a checkered past, but a very bright future. White Lightning, owned by his wife Addie, is near the top on the circuit and is within reach of the championship with just a couple more wins. But things take a sudden and dark turn when their star driver, Fairman Slinger, wins a heated race under a cloud of suspicion. Worse, that night, Slinger's wife is found murdered at the hotel -- and it's E.Z. who discovers the body. Competing team owners, suspicious cops, and E.Z.'s troubled past all congeal to make this an expolsive -- and potentially devastating situation.

Smith gives us genuine southern voices and flair, and there's plenty of stock car action to keep things revved. E.Z. is a likeable hero, and Addie is a firecracker as they lead us through the world of stock car racing and this mystery. Just like a NASCAR race, this story is fast, fun, and full of dangerous turns.

Paperback - $13.50
Kindle - $5.00


GC SMITH said...

Susan, you is the best.

Anonymous said...

A great read, hard to put down