Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally Number Five

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to announce that my fifth book, House Money, is now released by Mundania Press.

I call this book my Medellin because of all the drama I had through the publication process. (If you don't get the reference, then you need to brush up on Entourage.) Hopefully, the end results for my project will turn out better than Medellin did for Vinny Chase. It's looking pretty good, as the book has already scored one awesome review from Literary Nymphs who said, "This is truly a wonderful find for me and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did." Please do click the link for the full review, as it's well written and has a lot more to say.

This book also features my very favorite cover ever. It was designed by the talented Donald Capone (I will never be done thanking him), and because of it, I hope a lot of people will judge it by its cover.

And, in case your interest is peaked, here's what it's about:

Eva Russo is a tough and wise mobster's daughter who wants nothing more than to get herself, and her family, out of the business. But when her father, Joe Russo, a reputed gangster and half owner of the flailing Las Vegas casino The Oasis ends up murdered, Eva knows it was his captain, Dave 'The Sheik' DeSantis who made the hit.

Now that Dave's on the verge of claiming everything her father built, Eva has to go all in and immerse herself in the business while calling upon her blood family to help her wrestle control of her father's empire away from Dave. Eva thinks she's got plenty of ammunition to bluff her way through a showdown with Dave. She's got her tough, wiseguy fiancé, Vincent Vendetti by her side, not to mention her wild-spirited, casino-savvy cousin, Marina Martino. But Dave DeSantis isn't ready to fold his hand. Loyalties sway and the stakes are raised as the battle between families heats up. Before long, all bets are off as Eva and Dave go head-to-head, risking it all and gambling with lives and fortunes, each one desperate to take control of the house money.

Mundania Press -Paperback - $12.95

Mundania E-Book - $4.99

Amazon E-Book - $3.99

Amazon paperback coming soon!

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