Saturday, January 27, 2007

How Not To Suck

How Not To Suck showed up in my mailbox today. Man, if ever anyone needed instructions on how not to suck, it's me of late. Because I do kind of suck. But hopefully, this'll help me out. And hopefully, it'll help out others. It promises as much. From the description:

This book will change how you view yourself and the world you think you know. Admit it, we all suck. This book will make you face your own suckiness and lead you down the path to a suck free life. If not, you'll laugh a lot. Either way, it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

For real, I've read this book. And I love this book. It is funny as hell. Whether it's rating the relative suckidity of various holidays or railing against drama queens, this book is filled with practical humor that really might make you pause before you go off and act like a royal asshole next time. And then the whole world would be cheerier. Or, if you prefer to keep acting like an asshole (like me), it'll help you pinpoint exactly what's so funny (and upsetting) about your behavior to others.

So have fun. This book does not suck.

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