Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Emerging Voices

LBF Books out of Pittsburgh has just now put up the order form for their collection of stories, Emerging Voices. Early orders get 20% off, for a total of twelve bucks plus shipping. Stories and authors included in this collection are:

Sun Worshiper (Eric Rives)
All That Glitters (David Coyote)
You Ought to Write a Journal (Jeanette Harris)
Surfin’s Easier When There's Water Involved (Cheryl Crossan)
Sexual Peak (Dawn Irene Dare)
Explorer Channel (Gayle Arrowood)
A Woman Scorned (Sherry Allyn Norman)
Greenhouse #5 (Lisa J. Cihlar)
The Old Woman (Pieter Mayer)
The Door Behind My Door (Kim Despins)
The Assaulters (Mike Ripley)
A Phoenix Rising (Gary Hill)
Secrets and Lies (Jennifer Celaks)
Greatness in Small-town Rural Nevada (Suzanne Chipman)
Music in the Mist (Kathryn Walsh)
One Step Closer to Hell (Andrew Dallas Ferrell)
Double Play (Michael W. Graves)

Check it out at LBF Books, and please support these talented up-and-comers.


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